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Monday - Friday:8am - 6pm Saturday - Sunday:9am - 3pm
Washington Avenue - Downtown St. Louis, MO.
Once lined with shoe & garment manufacturers as well as department stores, today Washington Avenue is home to many loft apartments & condominiums, wedding & event venues, hotels (one with a rooftop bar & pool), restaurants, cafes & bars, the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Center, corporate headquarters, City Museum, the National Blues Museum and much more.

Blake Brokaw’s Tangerine at 1405 Washington Avenue

Go-go dancers in cages, an awkwardly skinny but fun space, drinks, good music, Wash U students, cartoons projected on the walls – Blake opened several venues in the neighborhood including Tangerine, Hungry Buddha & Lo-Bar.

Velvet at 1307 Washington Avenue

Bar none the best electronic dance music club in St. Louis. Currently home to Fashion Square Lofts and several businesses including Blondie’s Coffee, Wine & Dessert Bar.

The Galaxy at 1227 Washington Avenue

Amongst other things, Fetish Night on Tuesdays. Currently home to Rosalita’s Cantina, We Are Alexander & McGowan Bros Lofts.

Babylon at 1521 Washington Avenue

Now home to SIBA.

Cheetah Club at 1224 Washington Avenue



Deep Cool at 1308 Washington Avenue

Current home of Denim Lofts.

Ed & Donna’s Liar’s Den at 1430 Washington Avenue

Currently known as the Monkey Building.

Gold’s Gym at 1520 Washington Avenue

Before Fitness Factory, there was Gold’s Gym – now home to Ely Walker Lofts.

Washington Avenue looking east toward Tucker Boulevard

1999: before new streetscape construction began.

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